The membership of the ASA supports best practice in diagnostic medical sonography and considers that only fit and proper persons should be members of the ASA. The purpose of these By-laws is to establish a fair process by which the ASA can determine whether a member of the ASA has engaged in conduct that falls short of the standard expected of members. Best practice requires members to adhere to a high standard of conduct and to meet minimum standards of practice in order to safely practise as sonographers. 

The ASA also believes that members have a right to be treated fairly and according to the principles of natural justice. The ASA recognises that natural justice requires an unbiased decision-maker that has not prejudged the outcome. All members of the ASA agree to promote the objectives and comply with the rules set out in these By-laws and in the Code of Conduct for Sonographers and Standards of Practice incorporated by the By-laws, thus setting themselves apart from non-members. It is a condition of membership with the ASA that members agree to comply with these By-laws and with the determinations that are made under these By-laws.

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